Sunday, January 16, 2005


I think I just accidentally erased 95% of the mp3s on here due to the very funky interface software used by my host server -- and my idiocy of course! Hah!!! I shall be more careful in the future and try real hard not to break the Internet. EDITED TO SAY: ALL THE FILES EXCEPT FOR BLATANTLY X-MAS ONES SHOULD BE WORKING; PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IF ANY OF THEM ARE NOT, AND REMEMBER TO NOT NOT LINK D'RECKLY TO THE DOWNLOADS FROM ANOTHER WEB PAGE AND TO ONLY DOWNLOAD ONCE. I'M CLOSE TO USING UP ALL MY SERVER SPACE AS IS AND DO NOT WANT TO DO LIKE OTHER MUSIC BLOGS DO AND ONLY PUT UP A COUPLE TUNES AT A TIME. OKAY. SORRY FOR SHOUTING.


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