Saturday, April 02, 2005

Smoke like a freight train

IRON & WINE "In Your Own Time"

I just found a copy of my best-of mix CD for 2001; tacked at the end of it was this (still) unreleased gem by Sam Beam, who'd yet to officially release any music at that time. I was introduced to his stuff by Ben Bridwell of the great Carissa's Wierd; Ben's brother was best pals with Sam. Initially I was going to release Sam's music on the label I helped start with fellow ex Amazon music editor Steve Halloran. But that never happened, making Iron & Wine my second-biggest personal coulda been a contender story (the first being Girlysound, of course!) I am not sure what the title of this tune is really, but I bet it's not what I called it initially, which is "The 'And Fuck Like A Dog' Song." Anyway, like everything by Sam, it's pretty goddamn great.