Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tell me what I missed -- I've got to know

TALL DWARFS "I've Left Memories Behind"
I'm sure you've already heard that New Zealand's amazing and excellent and superlative and fantastic duo the Tall Dwarfs are briefly touring the U.S. (opening for a rejuvenated Olivia Tremor Control!) in a few months. This makes me so happy I cannot tell you -- I don't think I've ever seen them, myself (I too have things I can't recall -- like 1991 and 1992) but I did see Chris Knox perform solo and then with the Clean a few times, approximately 18 years ago. That I totally remember...

This tune is from the Hello Cruel World release, and sure, it's not the best Tall Dwarfs song by any means, but I'm afraid of posting one of their best songs because it'll make you incapable of listening to any other music for a week at least, and that can be an awful thing to do to a person.

Speaking of upcoming music events worthy of travel, the Arthur Fest sure looks good doesn't it? Too bad the magazine itself is but a slight shadow of the great Laris Kreslins' former publications, Sound Collector and Sound Collector Audio Review. I know the thing is free and about beggars and choosers and all, and while I did love that Six Organs interview, the thing is so relentlessly elf-prog-ist and crammed with such heavily-treaded pothead-paranoia, and the layout soooooooo very very bad, it's like, why not just read an old issue of Oz or It instead? The same people would be covered, pretty much, anyway. I'm not hating on Arthur, I just am holding it to the same standards as Sound Collector, which, as a for instance, put Animal Collective on its cover three years before anyone else did the same!

Thanks to Brian Turner for tipping me on both the Arthur festival and the Tall Dwarfs tour. Where would we be without BT on Tuesday afternoons?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sigh, i miss sound collector and scar, too.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! While Sound Collector and SCAR covered great music and were true "Fan" zines, Arthur is busy cultivating psych-folk into a brand that fits nicely into Urban Outfitters. It's not very "outsider" at all

3:41 PM  

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