Friday, November 04, 2005

So I'll keep you in my hat

FAUNA POLLY "Corvallis"
TIMESBOLD "This Could Be The One"
BAEIN "Ya Binaya Goumi (Oh Girl, Stand Up)"

Sorry to not have updated for shit lately. Been real busy. YETI 3 will ship from the printer in a few weeks, which means it will be in most stores the week after Thanksgiving, and I think I have to postpone my trip to NYC starting Dec. 3 in order to make sure all the copies go out and stuff. Boom air. We'll have a website up soon hyping YETI 3 as well as other projects in the works. I'vealready got half the contents for YETI 4 together, both in the book and on the disc, but am very open to submissions of any sort. The idea is that instead of a couple years, there will now be three to four months between YETIs. Ummm OK, I wouldn't believe me on that one, either.

We begin this week's selection with my favorite song today, "Corvallis," named for a town in Oregon that the band Fauna Polly was from. Just got a disc of this defunct group's "greatest hits" and am very charmed by it. This song is perfect for people who want to hear more music in the vein of the o.g. Go Team and early Pell Mell, sort of.

The Timesbold tune is a work in progress, from sessions for their next album; Portland peeps are strongly encouraged to check out Whip from Timesbold play with Douglas Shepherd from Douglas Shepherd this Sunday evening at the Towne Lounge for only three dollars.

The Bokaj Retsiem track is from the classic German psych-kitsch LP Psychedelic Underground.

The Baein song is from the excellent new Sublime Frequencies collection Choubi Choubi! (Folk And Pop Songs From Iraq), one of the best comp.s of the year.

Track five is embarrassing to me; it's from a tape I was handed about fourteen, fifteen years ago and then lost, but not after copying a few songs off it first. I totally forget the girl's name though. I think it was Julie something? She was cute and smart and had dark hair then and is likely all those things to this day. My friend Mike Two from Sounds (there were three Mikes who worled at Sounds back then and he was Mike Two) and I talked briefly with her about starting a band though thankfully we never did, since I am tone-deaf and incompetent. Ummm, I do know that she used to work at Matador as a receptionist. Anyway, this little thing is kind of annoying and homemade but I really like it a lot.

I was getting all this weird spam sent to the comments section on here lately, an ungodly amount of the stuff, so I disabled comments 'cause I have no idea what else to do. If you want to get in touch with me for any reason aside from trying to sell me hair tonic or Viagra ('cause I get those things at Costco already, you know?), please just use the email in my profile: yetimike at hotmail dot com, OK. The only other option is to ask people to "register," which I do not believe in.