Friday, January 30, 2009

Talking 'Bout That Number Which No Man Can Number

ROKY ERICKSON "I Look at the Moon"

PRECIOUS BRYANT "When the Saints Go Marching In"

DeZURIK SISTERS "Go To Sleep My Darling"

...No, how you doing? Yes, I know it's been a while. Wanted to wait until no one was looking, or linking, I guess? No, really, I just got busy. I know, I know, yeah, we're all busy. OK, I got sick of blogging. But I am less sick of it now, today! And I will cease with this ridiculous fake conversation, toot sweet.

Someday soon this blog will be transferred over to a new/ improved/ actual YETI website. But for now, I'll get started again with three little very pretty songs. Today we're unplugged. God, I hate that term, but anyway.

The Roky song's from the long out of print album The Holiday Inn Tapes. It's my second-favorite post-Elevators number (very favorite being, of course, "You Don't Love Me Yet").

The Precious Bryant track is from this wonderful George Mitchell book which comes with two CDs. George Mitchell might be one of my heroes. I really need to talk to both Bryant and Mitchell, if possible, when I return to the South. (Note to self!)

The DeZurik Sisters tune is from some comp. called like Early Country Ladies Who Sing or something. You may know them as the Cackle Sisters.

It's a very pretty late January day here in Portland (translation: it is not currently raining). I'm obsessed for some reason with trying to find out more about P.M. Wentworth today -- he or she was a very interesting self-taught artist, hardly any known works around -- maybe 40 survive. But who knows? That one lucky family found a stack of unknown Ramirez drawings a few years back -- that show in New York was fabulous, and I highly recommend the catalog. Maybe there's a stack of this person's stuff in a trunk somewhere. But Wentworth -- fuck, there's hardly even any images on the Internet. I'd love a monograph of this work, all in one place, no matter how small. Anyone know if there is one? My guess is no, just need to make sure.