Friday, January 14, 2005

God must be in my refrigerator

Download: THE ELECTRIC EELS "Refrigerator (alt version)"

I was reminded today of life working in offices, and meetings, how dreadful they are, not for any real reason, mind you. But I love the way that management people read retarded as hell books and take extra seminars the whole point of which is to stay on top of jargon and to try to sound like managerial and "with it," you know? But how they always just sound kind of crazy and dumb instead but they don't know it and all the workers underneath 'em won't tell 'em that -- at my last and worst job of this ilk, this management person LOVED the phrase "low hanging fruit," used to denote an easy opportunity but it always just made me think of ball sacs and teabagging and the like. I could not hear her say it and not begin to crack up. This was just like two years ago but she also was in love with Internet lingo ca. 1998 which was just awesome -- "Let's take this discussion offline as I don't have the bandwidth and besides we should involve IT in this discussion." I love people in positions of power who are fake earnest and who talk to you like you are a bad kindergardener -- don't you??!

Originally recorded on May 25th, 1975, this example of personal "low hanging fruit" -- I was just listening to it and thought "I should blogger up this mother!" is taken from the 2001 Scat release Eyeball of Hell -- that disc is pretty rough sounding but it's hella rad (how West Coast am I?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bingo says: Haven't heard this yet since it's still downloading, but it of necessity has to be immortal since it was recorded on my 21st birthday.

8:02 PM  
Blogger e*rock said...

yes! these guys ruled!

7:53 PM  
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