Thursday, January 13, 2005

Two wings to veil my face

Download: REV. UTAH SMITH "Two Wings (1953 version)"

There are six known sides total by the great gospel slide guitarist/ singer Utah Smith, and on each of them his version of "Two Wings" is the A-Side! The song is rightfully on quite a few comp.s (with the original 1944 recording). You'd do well to get the complete recorded works of Smith and the also burning lap steel player Rev. Lonnie Farris -- one of my favorite Document discs ever -- it's the Rocket from the Tombs to the Sacred Steel phenom's Rocket from the Crypt. I have a slight preference for this here version of the tune, the first re-recording from 1953, which is only on the Document CD as far as I know (and about 234 mix CDs I've made for friends over the last few years.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So excited that there's another Utah Smith fan out there; thought I was an army of one! Also thank you for running such the cool blog, and for C.I. and Yeti. Big Ups!
Brett P Lyman, Washington, DC
twininfinitif at hotmail dot com

5:50 PM  

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