Sunday, July 24, 2005

You're gonna watch me

PRESSLER-MORGAN "You're Gonna Watch Me"
SANDRA BELL "Waitawhile"

What better song to celebrate the official loss of the last vestiges of civil liberties we Americans might still have pretended we had left --with the signing into law of the Patriot Act on Friday-- than the fine little avant-pop dittie "You're Gonna Watch Me" by Pressler-Morgan, off their one fabulous 7" from 1978 for David Thomas' Hearthan/ Hearpen label. The Sandra Bell song is from her first tape made for XPressway around 1993. It is sort of sad, like me, today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

About sums it up, and I haven't even listened to the track yet. Though I suppose I ought to be seeking out entertainments that are cheery, upbeat, delusional and irrelevant... seems to be working for a lot of our fellow citizens, interspersed of course with moments of inchoate panic incompetently addressed... *sigh*

2:11 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

'you're gonna watch me' is a great track - one of the best 'lost' tracks of the era. don't know why it isn't more well known. civil liberties infringements aren't so bad down here in australia (unless you're a refugee) but that's gonna change soon.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Uncle Gustav said...

By any chance, would anyone have an mp3 of "To Have and to Hold" by the Distant Cousins (1966)?

6:22 PM  

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